Un or Une?

Don’t waste time trying to remember if a French noun is masculine or feminine! Use the memory tricks in this useful little guide to quickly learn and remember the gender of key French nouns.


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For English speakers, the fact that each French noun has a gender can seem confusing. But knowing the gender of French nouns is essential as all the other parts of the sentence – from articles such as ‘un’ and ‘une’ to adjectives and pronouns – need to agree with the noun.

This little guide is compact but full of information. Written in an easy-to-understand format, the memory tricks and explanations will give you a better understanding of why some French nouns are masculine and others are feminine within minutes.

Un or Une? is laminated so it will stand up easily on a desk but is small enough to fit into a bag and can be referred to anytime, anywhere. It is a must for anyone starting to learn French.

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Here are some tips for remembering the gender of nouns in French


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