Unforgettable French: Memory Tricks to Help You Learn and Remember French Grammar and Vocabulary

Unforgettable French uses memory tricks based on sound and idea associations to teach French and reinforce major points of French grammar, from the basics up to GCSE level.

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Unforgettable French provides a unique way to learn and remember French. It contains tried-and-tested French memory tricks developed over many years by Maria Rice-Jones.

The memory tricks are based on sound and idea associations to help you to engage your memory and remember key grammatical points. Using French memory tricks to explain the “tricky” bits facilitates the learning process and what seemed difficult before is suddenly much easier to remember.

The memory tricks are presented in a highly visual, page-by-page format, with illustrations and stories, to help you to visualize the language better.

It can be used:

  • By anyone who wishes to gain confidence in speaking French
  • As a revision aid, to consolidate the learnerʼs grasp of grammatical points and to help them revise
  • To complement whatever French scheme you are using
  • To make French memorable
  • To revise French grammar, French vocabulary, French nouns and French verbs
  • By French teachers to all ages, from primary through to adult.

The exercises enable learners to check their understanding of each key French grammar skill as they progress through the book.

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