Why is the bike IN the tree?

What is the one factor beyond all others that gives a child more confidence and greater self-esteem?

It is, in fact, the ability to communicate.  The more able the child is to express her or his thoughts, feelings, wishes, needs, and ideas in speech and writing, the more confidence and self-esteem the child gains.

And with that comes a greater ability and desire to learn and progress. What’s more it is an issue that affects school life, home life, and the child’s growing interaction with society at large.

For being able to communicate means being able to express one’s wants, needs, desires, opinions and thoughts in a clear way, while also becoming more understanding of the needs and wishes of others.

But children can only make real progress in this field when they grasp that written and verbal communication is about both understanding the world around one and expressing one’s own feelings and needs. 

The fact is that for many people, including many, many adults, expressing one’s feelings is incredibly difficult.  For those who master the technique in terms of speech and writing, opportunities for communication, friendship, understanding and learning are endless. 

Indeed, a child who can grasp phonics, grammar and the essence of storytelling has the world at his or her feet.  Although we live in a world of fixed reality (touch the flame and you get burned), we also build our own reality in terms of how we see the world and other people in it (the world of emotions).

So, back to the bike in the tree. Can your children write a puzzle hook to start a narrative about the picture which will leave readers with more questions than answers? The readers will want to know what, why, when, where and how.

This is just one of the ‘hooks’ introduced in How to Achieve Outstanding Writers in the EYFS and KS1. There are many others – the action hook, the character hook, the scenic hook, the dialogue/conversation hook, the coat hook (well maybe not this one!).

With creative activities, attractive photographs and practical suggestions How to Achieve Outstanding Writers in the EYFS and KS1 helps young children take command of their storytelling and let their imaginations run wild.

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