Just imagine!

How can you inspire children to try different approaches and ideas to writing?

There’s a very old Chinese story about a young boy who is given a paintbrush.

The boy is told that whatever he paints will become real. However, he must only paint things for other people, things these people really need, things that will make their lives better.

This poem was inspired by the story …

My Magic Paintbrush

If I have a magic paintbrush, I will paint Gary Barlow for my mum.
I will paint for my dad children who always do what he says.
I will paint for my little sister Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory.
I will paint every computer game in the world for my cousin James.
And last, I will paint for my grandad, good health.


Now it is your children’s turn…

First, tell them the story. Then, ask them to read all the details below before they start writing.

❋ If you had such a brush, what would you paint?
❋ You can paint things for members of your family, your friends, adults you know well. What different things would each person need and love to have?
❋ Your ideas can be serious or funny – or better still, both!
❋ Write one idea for every person you choose.
❋ You can begin your writing like Joe did if you wish.

Now wait to read the amazing poems your pupils create!

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