Has anything like this happened to you?

We love hearing anecdotes from our authors. Our author of the month, Meg Fabian, recently shared this memory with us…

Back in the early 70s I was teaching in an infant school in North London. The children in my class were quite young and the loos were outside across the playground. ‘Accidents’ were very common. We kept a supply of clean underwear and clothes for children to change into.

On one occasion there had been many accidents and I had run out of spare clothing. When I gave one little girl our last clean pair of pants, I asked her if she would pleeeease ask her parents to send them back to school as soon as possible.

The next morning, I was running late so I caught a bus instead of walking to school. The bus was crowded and sitting down the front was the little girl with her daddy. She was delighted to see me, as children often are to see their teachers out of school. She called out, at the top of her voice “Oh Miss, my daddy’s got your knickers in his pocket”! 😮😂

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Meg feels like she has been a teacher for 600 years! Focusing on primary with a passion for art, the quality of her work has been recognized not only by OfSTED, but also by the numerous local and national awards for art which she has helped schools to win.

Meg is the author of our Drawing is a Class Act and Painting is a Class Act series. You can find out more about Meg and her books on her author page.

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