100+ Fun Ideas for Playground Games

100+ Fun Ideas for Playground Games will help you make outdoor playtime fun and enjoyable. This wonderful collection of traditional and new games will be an invaluable resource and the games will soon become playground favourites. The activities use readily available equipment such as balls and skipping ropes.

Aimed at 5-11 year olds, the activities will suit individual pupils, groups or even the whole class.

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Play is possibly one of the first active things children learn in life and it is crucial for a child’s development. However, when children begin school, play takes on a totally different role, more of a social event as opposed to quality time spent with their primary carer. It is a time when they begin to integrate with their peers, develop skills and moreover is seen to be an integral part of their overall physical and emotional development.

But it isn’t only indoor play that children enjoy and from which they can derive enormous benefits, experts agree that outdoor play is just as important.„ Play teaches children how to manage some of the risks associated with physical activity.

Unstructured physical play is the perfect outlet for helping to reduce stress in a child’s life and encourages them to work out any emotional aspects related to everyday experiences. As adults tend not to interfere when children are playing, this in turn enables them to learn how to relax and have fun.

Co-operation, helping, sharing and problem solving are all things children learn through play and are skills which they carry with them throughout life.

Senses, for example touch, taste, smell and the sense of motion via space, are crucial to children”s learning, and this is something which play can also provide.

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Learn to squat walk and have a team race


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