100+ Fun Ideas for Practising Primary Languages through Drama and Performance

The National Curriculum requires all primary school children in England to learn a foreign language. Have you chosen one yet?

Whatever language you have chosen, 100+ Fun Ideas for Practising Primary Languages through Drama and Performance will provide you with a wealth of creative teaching ideas.

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The purpose of this book is to offer teachers a wide range of activities to practise listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language with young learners who are beginners, moving on or advanced primary language learners. The book has suggestions for activities that can reinforce grammar and the structure of language through physical performance and creativity.

  • The activities in this resource are linked to the Foreign Language Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum.
  • Effective and creative language learning activities based on drama, dance and performance, suitable for all languages
  • Shows how drama, performance and art can be used to achieve substantial progression in all four language learning skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • The ideas are clearly laid out and simple to deliver
  • An invaluable resource for non-specialist and specialist teachers alike.

The activities are divided into four sections:

✦ Drama games – a range of games that explore listening to the target language, listening and speaking in the target language, and listening, speaking, reading and writing in the language.

✦ Making a drama out of story and culture – target language creative performances and character exploration based upon story and culture.

✦ Explorations of art and music – using the medium of art or music to develop target language simple spoken dialogues and descriptions, poems, raps and creative physical performances.

✦ Sketches – bringing together listening, speaking, reading and writing to create simple sketches and more challenging creative spoken performances.

Watch out for the GRAMMAR ALERTS! as these are activities where the children and you can explore simple grammar and sentence structure. The activities are coded to show their suitability for learners at diff erent stages:

✦ Beginners (up to one year of language learning)

✦ Moving on (two to three years of language learning progression)

✦ Advanced (three to four years of language learning progression)

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