100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching PE Games

This is a wonderful collection of tried-and-tested games that require little or no preparation. The fun, easy-to-implement games use readily available PE equipment and can be easily modified or adapted to suit the needs of your class.

The games have been specially chosen to encourage pupils to collaborate with each other and share amicably in a fun and cooperative way.

These imaginative activities will improve childrenʼs agility, coordination, aerobic fitness, speed, strength and relaxation skills.


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A child at play displays imagination and spontaneity. Playing games develops a child’s skills at teamwork, co-operation and socialising. This book has been written by a practising PE teacher and includes many tried-and–tested games that children have enjoyed playing. Playing not only hones children’s physical skills, it also strengthens their emotional well-being.

Aims of this book

100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching PE Games is intended to provide practical teaching materials for use in PE lessons. The games can easily be adapted to suit other situations, such as after school clubs and the winding-down games can be used at any time during the school day, as part of a transition exercise, or part of a lesson. The activities can be modified to take differing children’s needs into consideration; indeed you may find that when a group is introduced to a new game, they make their own modifications and adjustments to the rules.

This book of games for developing physical skills is for anyone to use and enjoy; teacher, child, parent, adult. It is not necessary to be a ‘great athlete’ to participate successfully in any of these games; what is important is having a go and joining in. The activities are suitable for any age group.

How to use this book

This book includes over 100 games, all of which develop basic physical skills, and they are divided into chapters according to those skills. The games also have secondary benefits. For example, many of the games designed to help co-ordination also develop agility, and many of the speed games develop both co-ordination and agility. The games are grouped as follows:

  1. Agility
  2. Co-ordination
  3. Resistance
  4. Speed
  5. Strength
  6. Winding-down

In each game the most appropriate age group for use is indicated. This is just a recommendation and you should vary it according to the needs of the group you are working with. The skill or skills being developed are shown in each game as well.

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    Fantastic, easy to use ideas

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