43 Team-building Activities for Key Stage 1

43 Team-building Activities for Key Stage 1 contains lesson plans to improve social and physical skills. They stimulate children’s imaginations through a series of exciting problems and scenarios.

The activities develop pupils’ PSHE skills — helping them to work with a partner or in a small group and help to develop essential movement skills: agility, balance and co-ordination.



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This e-book aims to provide children with the opportunity to develop in a range of social and physical skills. These skills are developed through a series of carefully written lesson plans that have been designed with the busy primary teacher in mind. These activities aim at stimulating pupils’ imaginations through a series of exciting problems and scenarios.

Where does this fit into the school curriculum?

Each of the activities aims at developing the Key Stage 1 child in their fundamental movement skills: agility, balance and co-ordination. As well as this, the children will be thinking about when to select these skills and how to apply them.

These activities also aim to improve the child’s social skills with a partner or within a small group. These skills can then be transferred into the classroom and playground environments. Each activity acknowledges the importance of every individual as a valued part of a team. Successful completion of these tasks requires even the most reticent children to become involved. There is also the opportunity for pupils to become more responsible and to take on leadership roles.

The stories in this e-book invite the children to take on many different roles, from monkeys serving Wazzoo, the Monkey King, to explorers unearthing treasures in Egypt. Some stories make use of well-known characters, such as Robin Hood, to aid in the construction of the scenario. Others suggest to the children that they find their everyday selves in highly unusual and challenging situations.

In order to assist continuity, and to help some children build a more detailed imaginative context within which to work, a number of the challenges have been set in the fantasy world of Gazaban.

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