Brilliant Activities for Reading Fiction – Comprehension Activities for 7–11 Year Olds

Brilliant Activities for Reading Fiction contains comprehension activities to help primary school pupils learn the key features of stories and poems and develop strategies for reading them critically. Most of the activities allow for differentiation by outcome and so may be used with the whole class. Differentiated worksheets are included where necessary so that children of lower ability have more guidance or less to do in quantity. Extension activities are given to challenge the more able, and follow-up activities enable teachers to extend the work further.

Activities range from looking at descriptions of characters from ‘classic texts’ and analysing the features of good story openings to looking at alliteration in poems and investigating humorous prose.


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Each section comprises a text which should be reproduced onto a separate sheet for ease of reading, and differentiated worksheets, and most sections have extension activities aimed at the more able readers. Extension activities give ideas to enhance certain aspects more thoroughly, giving teachers extra material for language teaching.

Topics include:

  • Fairy tale beginnings
  • Poetry
  • Extracts from stories
  • Themes running through fairy tales
  • Story beginnings and endings
  • Character studies
  • Reading reviews

Activities include answering comprehension questions, summarising stories, describing characters, reflecting on why they like or dislike a story, and writing reviews.

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