Kate Heap

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Kate Heap is a Primary English Consultant, writes a children’s book blog, is the author of the Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series and is an aspiring children’s writer.

Kate can’t remember a time when she didn’t love books. Books have always been her friends and she has spent countless hours lost in the adventures of the characters within. A passion for Literacy and to help children find the same appreciation for Reading and Writing led Kate to a career in teaching with a specialism in English. Over the past twenty years, Kate has built up extensive expertise in the teaching of primary English, supporting colleagues in their professional development and also linking English objectives, lessons and resources to the rigorous Key Stage Two assessment requirements. This journey has brought her to the next stage in her career: sharing her knowledge and experience through the creation of classroom reading comprehension resources that will support both children and teachers in their preparation for assessment while fostering a love of literature.

Born and raised in Canada, Kate graduated from the University of Regina and began her teaching career with the fantastic Regina Public Schools. Ready for new adventures, she moved to the UK in 2001. Kate has spent many wonderful years in the classroom with children exploring the world of learning and enjoying those light bulb moments when new connections are made. She has had the opportunity to develop her skills and support other primary teachers through her roles as Literacy Leader, Leading Literacy Teacher for Leeds, Advanced Skills Teacher and Senior Leadership with responsibility for Assessment. Kate is adventuring through life with her husband, Rob, and her three wonderful children.