Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing

 Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing provides Key Stage 2 teachers with activities to help pupils focus on persuasive language. Activities range from writing advertisements and job descriptions to looking at two-sided written arguments and debates.

The e-book is divided into four sections, one for each year of Key Stage 2. Lesson plans are accompanied by photocopiable texts and worksheets. Most of the activities allow for differentiation by outcome and so may be used with the whole class. Extension activities are given to challenge the more able and follow-on activities enable teachers to extend the work further. All the activities are compatible with the National Literacy Strategy.


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Each chapter contains a lesson plan, a text to promote reading skills and discussion, and worksheets to promote activities within Literacy Hour. The texts and worksheets are photocopiable.

The e-book is divided into four sections, one for each year of Key Stage 2.

In Section 1 the activities for Year 3 are based upon a letter of persuasion, a book review and an advertisement to distinguish between fact and fiction.

In Section 2 the activities for Year 4 are based upon a letter of application, an interview, advertisements, leaflets or flyers, as well as incorporating the promotion of reading skills through given texts. The children are introduced to persuasive language through a fictional context, looking at a character called ‘Mr Wizzy’ who owns a drinks factory. The activities follow on to make up a mini topic which can be extended or reduced to suit the needs of the children.

In Sections 3 and 4, for Years 5 and 6, the activities look at real issues and raise persuasive language in the form of debates and differences of opinion, specifically looking at lists, posters, articles, two-sided written arguments, letters and poetry. The chapters include lesson plans, a text, and a written or speaking and listening activity to promote the use of persuasive language.

Most of the activities are ‘open’ in terms of differentiation by outcome, so may be used with the whole class. Differentiated sheets are included in this e-book where necessary so that children of lower ability have more guidance or less to do in quantity. Suggested extension activities are for the most able children who need to be further challenged with their abilities. Some follow-on activities are suggested if teachers want to undertake more activities.

Assessment is covered through the outcome of the children’s work. Have they fulfilled the aim of the activity as set out in the lesson plans?

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