Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children

Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children by Ashley McCabe Mowat provides activities to challenge the more able Key Stage 2 (KS2) child and develop their analytical, creative and evaluative skills. Activities range from quick warm-ups, brainteasers and whole class activities to maths focussed problems and open-ended challenges for pupils to work on independently. Look inside.

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Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children provides open-ended mental activities to stimulate More Able primary school children

All the worksheets are photocopiable and require minimal preparation, so that you can easily select the best activity to suit your particular needs. With over 100 activities, Brilliant Activities for Stretching Gifted and Talented Children will be able to keep stretching your pupils for many years to come.

While written mainly for more able pupils, all children will love these fun activities, which are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking and other research. Challenge pupils and help them to develop their imaginations and creative thinking skills with activities such as writing a cookbook for alligators or thinking about how life would be different if we had six fingers on each hand.

Ashley McCabe Mowat has also written Brilliant Activities for Gifted and Talented Children and CRAMES: Creative Games to Help Children Learn to Think and Problem Solve (in only 5 minutes a day!), also published by Brilliant Publications.

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