Brilliant Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking

Brilliant Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking has over 150 entertaining, open-ended challenges that will provide mental stimulation for all children, not just gifted and talented children.

The creative, challenging activities develop mental agility and the ability to ‘think outside the box’, developing pupils’ higher level thinking skills.

Children’s overall confidence and self-esteem will increase as they work through these challenges where there are no correct answers and any input is valued.

These 10-15 minute activities can be used first thing in the morning to fire-up your class, to engage fast finishers, or for homework.

All the activities require minimal preparation. Look inside.

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These activities are most definitely not for everyone. If you are the sort of person who likes a straightforward ‘yes-and-no,’ question, then perhaps you should read no further.

Brilliant Activities to Stimulate Creative Thinking delivers something a bit special; a fun cerebral workout that reaches parts of the brain that ordinary everyday considerations generally do not. It provides a wealth of varied and thought-provoking activities that encourage the reader to contemplate the gaps between the familiar. By entertaining new possibilities and exploring alternative perspectives, children enjoy expressing the riches of their imagination. Brain Trainers are designed to help children reach their Personal Best, and exercise their full potential.

The book consists of five broadly overlapping ‘workouts’:

  • Brain gain
  • Quick draw
  • Movers and shakers
  • Create and make
  • Chicken and egg

Each workout contains a wide variety of exercises that stimulate readers to think creatively and encourages children to explore different ways of expressing new ideas more clearly. Those familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy will recognise that Brain Trainers facilitates the three higher order levels of thinking skills: analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Look inside.

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Hidden meanings: Chicken and egg workout


Blanc looks: Brain gain workout


Dream engine: Create and make workout


Food for thought: crack the code workout


Pic-as-ya: Quick draw workout


Vision express: Movers and shakers workout


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