Deck Ahoy!: Primary Mathematics Activities and Games Using Just a Deck of Cards

Deck Ahoy! contains over 100 activities and games to teach primary maths skills with a deck of cards. Topics covered are not only the main operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – but also fractions, statistics, time, ratios, squares and cubes and graphs. The ideas are great for homework as there are no worksheets needed (or marking to do!) and the whole family can get involved, any where, any time.

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“In ‘Deck Ahoy’, Mrs Abbott has created a marvellous resource for any school, parent, pupil or anyone who loves maths. This book is not only a valuable tool in a teacher’s box of tricks, it is fun, easy to read and accessible to everyone. What shines through is that is has been designed, tested and enthused over by a skilled practitioner. As a headteacher, I was lucky enough to see all of this in action at our little school in a Derbyshire village – but the activities in this treasure trove of maths ideas have now been proven in large city schools as well. The ultimate joy of this fantastic work is that every child can have their own deck of cards for less than a pound and it illustrates just how much you can achieve without spending a fortune – simplicity is the key!”

Peter Johnston, Headteacher at Kirk Ireton School and Carsington School

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