Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables set – Covering the tables from 2 to 12

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The Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables series uses superheroes to motivate children to practise all of the skills needed to solve multiplication, division and word based times table problems. Superheroes appeal to even the most reluctant of learners and instil a positive and competitive attitude towards learning. The aim is for children to become excited and motivated enough to want to learn and practise their times tables.

There are three books in the Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables series:
Book 1: 2, 5 and 10 times tables
Book 2: 3, 4, 6 and 8 times tables
Book 3: 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables



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The books in the Mighty Fun Activities for Practising Times Tables series contain reproducible sheets and are designed to be used as flexible teaching aids, which teachers can dip in and out of in any order to support the learning of any times table. They work equally well as stand alone 5 to 20 minute lesson reinforcements or as regular times table learning.

We recognise that all children learn in different ways and that they need to have opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills. For each times table there is a mixture of practical activities to develop their understanding and written activities to consolidate their knowledge.

The mixed times table sheets at the back of the book allow children to apply the skills gained in learning individual tables, working out for themselves which multiple facts and methods they need to use.

The superheroes are based on the sporty characters in the whole-school reward-based scheme, The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge.

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Who won the competition? use your 5 times table to help Mighty Justice John work it out.


Use your times table knowledge to release the superhero powers


You need to know your 6 times table to help the superhero defeat Dennis the Demon Digit Demolisher in this worksheet


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How quickly can you get the Mighty Superheroes to the tops of their ladders by completing the times table sums?


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