Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages

Students learning modern foreign languages often comment that it is just too hard to learn, and remember, all of vocabulary presented to them. Yes, there is a lot of content that needs to be covered, and a lot of vocabulary that needs to be learned. But there is a way of making this process engaging and motivating. Language lessons needn’t be full of grammar worksheets, endless drilling and rote learning lists of vocabulary.

Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages can help revolutionise language teaching; enabling teachers to authoritatively impart knowledge while fostering a thirst for knowledge and love of learning in their students.


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There are two types of activity in Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages. First, the Vocab Fun Learning Activities (VFLAs) – learn the vocabulary in ways which will improve recognition and recall. Then, the Fun Learning Activities – use this vocabulary knowledge to build sentences and paragraphs; explore and use this language while keeping the whole class engaged and actively learning. The activities are designed to encourage all students to participate and learn more through enjoyment. Based on the author’s extensive classroom experience, and underpinned by research into how students learn best, each activity comes complete with a detailed explanation and plenty of ideas for variations, differentiations and extensions.

The activities come with example vocabulary lists in French, German and Spanish as a starting point, which are also available on the CD-ROM. However, the activities will work effectively in any language and with any vocabulary list of the teacher’s choosing, and can be adapted to suit every topic, learning objective and age range. Discover ready to use activities which will make for outstanding lessons in every class and ensure engagement, motivation, rapport, progress and attainment over time.

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Introductory first chapter giving the author's philosophy behind his technique for teaching languages


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