Physical French Phonics – Book and USB stick

Physical French Phonics is an award-winning, tried-and-tested multisensory approach to teaching French phonics. It has been developed in conjunction with primary and secondary school children and their teachers over the course of several years.



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For each phoneme, students learn an action, as well as the graphemes associated with that sound. Cheerful colourful cartoon pictures link the actions to the sounds and help to facilitate learning. The comprehensive teacher’s guide is in full-colour and provides a clear step-by-step approach to introducing pupils to French phonemes. It contains practical advice, activities and guidance, along with photocopiable games and reference sheets.

Through using Physical French Phonics your pupils will not only learn to pronounce correctly the French vocabulary introduced, they will also gain the skills to tackle any new vocabulary they encounter with confidence.

The accompanying electronic files have been reformatted to ensure compatibility with interactive whiteboards, tablets, smartphones, and computers. It contains everything you need to teach French phonics successfully:

  • Video clips of French speakers saying each sound and performing the associated action
  • Video clips of French speakers saying and acting out keywords, carefully selected to introduce all the French phonemes
  • Video clips of French speakers demonstrating how liaison works in practice
  • Audio clips of all the phonemes and words introduced
  • Interactive whiteboard files for all the phonemes allowing you to make your own phonic resources to accompany any topic.

In this 3rd edition, the electronic files are now presented on an accompanying USB Drive.

The representation of sounds through letters in any language should be seen as a code. It is hoped that Physical French Phonics will provide the key needed to break this code for all French students.

Watch these sample video clips from the USB Drive to see how the actions and sounds can be used to pronounce and spell marron and septembre.

A video showing children using the system is on the Physical French Phonics Facebook page

Watch this webinar where Sue Cave, the author, gives a detailed introduction to embedding the use of Physical French Phonics with your scheme of work to teach French in Primary school. It also demonstrates how to create resources and use ready made ones.

Physical French Phonics was a European Language Label winning project in 2012.

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Some information on how to get the most from this resource


Sample action card which can be used as a frieze round the classroom or flashcards


See how the system can be used to learn the vocabulary for the days of the week


A picture of an interactive file


Watch this video showing the actions for the spelling of marron


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