German Pen Pals Made Easy: A Fun Way to Write German and Make a New Friend

With German Pen Pals Made Easy writing letters in German has never been easier. The structured ‘fill in the gap’ letter format enables even beginning German learners to communicate effectively in German. The letters cover a wide range of popular topics taught in primary and lower secondary school. They can be used to communicate with German-speaking pen pals, or even to write in German to pupils at the neighbouring school! Written by Sinéad Leleu and Michaela Greck-Ismair and published by Brilliant Publications.



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For the teacher, German Pen Pals Made Easy:
  • Does not require fluency
  • Is time-saving  – little or no preparation is required. English translations of the letters are included, as are lists of vocabulary, key grammar points and extension ideas
  • Has inherent cross-curricular links to geography, history and ICT
  • Supplements, consolidates and revises course work. The flexible activities are ideal for use with 7-13 year olds, in Key Stages 2 and 3 who are in their first few years of learning German.
For the pupil, German Pen Pals Made Easy:
  • Is easy to follow
  • Is realistic. The pupil realizes that German can be used  for real-life communication and not just in an artificial situation
  • Instills confidence. they can communicate effectively at a basic level
  • Helps to foster positive attitudes towards foreign language learning
  • Facilitates intercultural understanding. The pupil can learn about German culture through a German peer
  • And, of course, it is a fun and wonderful way to make a new friend!

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