Improving Numeracy Through Spreadsheets

The reproducible worksheets in Improving Numeracy through Spreadsheets will help to improve Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupils’ numeracy skills, at the same time as teaching them some of the basic skills of using spreadsheets.

The worksheets can be used to enhance or introduce topic-based work in mathematics, as a springboard to open ended ICT investigation work or simply as a confidence boosting exercise for pupils keen to learn about the workings of their computer.


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This e-book contains photocopiable activities and scenarios which require Key Stage 2 pupils to use spreadsheets to solve simple problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication division and prediction. The problems are described as scenarios which will motivate and interest all pupils.

The activities have been thoroughly tested in classrooms and have been shown to work well, thus saving you time writing your own activities. They work with any spreadsheet program and with any computer or tablet.

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