Jeb the Giant

Jeb the Giant is feeling incredibly lonely having learnt that his human friends are no longer able to visit him like they have been doing for over two decades. He is scared at the thought of being all alone forevermore- with no entertainment, no company, and no connections.

Just as he is admitting to his fate, he spots a German truck in the near distance – and in it: a potentially new friend. The driver is petrified to discover he is keeping company with a giant and when Jeb suggests that they might be buddies, aptly named driver Midget is sceptical and excuses himself from this obligation on the grounds of their severe differences.

After a moment of thought though, Midget sees how human Jeb’s emotions and expressions are and he is moved to reconsider. Secretly feeling lonely too, he suggests that they start sunrise bird-watching together; marking the beginning of a wonderful friendship for both Midget and Jeb.


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This primary school assembly story plays upon the eternally important message: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. When Midget adjusts to the fact that Jeb simply looks different from him, he realises that it doesn’t make any difference to what he is like as a person. This will help listeners to be friendlier to others regardless of image and differences- they may find that like bird-watchers Jeb and Midget, they share common interests.

It is more important in today’s society than ever that people learn at an early age how to be inclusive and not to judge others based on preconceptions and diversity. Jeb’s extension of a hand of friendship to Midget will encourage children of any background to be confident in making friends and feeling secure that they won’t be alienated for any differences they may have.

No child should have to feel lonely and this assembly story will be incredibly helpful to ensure that the children listening understand this and feel that they can speak up and make friends when they try.

This story focuses on the message ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and comes from More Brilliant Assembly Stories, written by Elizabeth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.

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