Daphne and Ollie

In this assembly story aimed at primary school children, Daphne the Dinosaur learns the value of being considerate to others. When she receives the wonderful news that she is going to be a bridesmaid she just cannot wait to tell everybody she sees.

When she arrives at school, she is on a crusade to let everyone see how excited she is. Unfortunately, this is at detrimental cost. In her frenzied state, Daphne is so self-absorbed that she does not look where she is going, and she does not worry about those around her; in fact – she hardly notices they are there. Without intending to, Daphne ends up causing mass upset – from knocking the Nursery tots over, to dirtying the dancing dinosaurs, to steamrollering the population of the playground. She has inadvertently hurt a lot of her fellow students because she has been so self-important – without a care in the world for anybody else.

When she speaks to her teaching assistant Ollie, she assesses her actions and is upset to realise what she has done. She faces the consequences for the first time and feels ashamed. Ollie helps Daphne to understand that there are sensible ways to go about sharing good news and showing passion- without putting others in harm’s way.


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This story is very pertinent to primary school children as their cognition is still fairly egocentric and it can be very hard for them to adapt to understanding other people when they are caught up in their own circumstances. Ollie’s discussion with Daphne shows listeners that it is a good thing to be proud of something and to want to show off, but that there is a time and a place and that it is important to be kind and considerate towards others at all times.

This story focuses on being considerate to others and comes from More Brilliant Assembly Stories, written by Elizabeth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.

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