Painting is a Class Act Series: a skills-based approach to teaching painting in Primary Schools

Painting is a Class Act provides a structured approach to the development of painting skills in primary schools. It is aimed specifically at non-specialist art teachers, but more experienced art teachers will find it inspirational too. The three books in the series cover the entire primary age range: Years 1-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6.

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Using a skill-based approach to painting will:

  • Raise standards in art
  • Boost children’s self-esteem and confidence, which in turn will help promote high standards in other curriculum areas.

The three-book series:

  • Clearly sets out the progression of skills to be taught for colour mixing, colour theory, watercolours, history of painting, using works of art and other techniques and media
  • Gives examples of how the skills can be applied
  • Contains carefully planned, clearly laid-out lesson plans

The Painting is a Class Act series links well to the National Curriculum for Art and Design. It provides a coherent structure for ensuring that pupils at Key Stage 1 and 2:

  • learn to use drawing and painting to explore their ideas and record their experiences
  • become proficient in painting and drawing
  • develop the ability to use the language of art to evaluate and analyse creative works
  • know about great artists and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms

Download this document for more detailed links to the National Curriculum.

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