Teach French through the Paris Olympics 2024: Activities and Resources for Primary Schools

Bring the Paris Olympics to life in your French lessons with these engaging and adaptable activities and resources. 2024 is the perfect time for a French topic on ‘les Jeux Olympiques’ (or ‘les J.O.’ as the French often refer to them) as the Games will be held in Paris.

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Teach the vocabulary for the 32 Olympic sports through physical activities and games. Then use flashcards, word searches, crossword puzzles and other word games to reinforce the learning. Sentence-building activities, reading passages and surveys make it easy to promote speaking, listening, reading and writing. Pupils will love learning about which sports are the most popular in France, where in France the Games have been held previously and what new sports have been added this year.

Both you and your pupils will love learning about ‘les Jeux Olympiques’. Best of all, the activities will fit easily into whatever scheme of work you are using and minimal preparation is required.

We have produced a free PowerPoint to accompany this book, to make it easier for you to introduce the Olympic sports to your class. Download your copy here.

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