Teaching Healthy Cooking and Nutrition in Primary Schools, Book 3

Teaching Healthy Cooking and Nutrition in Primary Schools, Book 3 is one of a series of five books, providing a practical cooking programme for primary schools. This 2nd edition has been fully updated to make the books compatible with requirements in the National Curriculum for all primary school children to be taught to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.

For each recipe there are essential cooking skills, theory and health and safety points, introduced progressively throughout the series. All these skills are a necessary part of cooking and, when mastered early, pupils will gain a positive experience of self-achievement and satisfaction and, yes, they will take great delight in trying the results for themselves!


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Each book in the Teaching Healthy Cooking and Nutrition in Primary Schools series contains 12 easy-to-follow, photocopiable recipes, presented in both a traditional recipe format and in a visual, step-by-step format, to suit pupils of differing reading abilities. All the recipes have been tried, tested and enjoyed by primary school pupils.

Each recipe includes photocopiable visual lesson structure cards, visual learning objectives and photographs of the food that enhance the knowledge and skills gained from making the dish. Alternative ingredients for allergy, lifestyle and religious considerations are suggested.

The recipes included in Teaching Healthy Cooking and Nutrition in Primary Schools, Book 3 are listed below. Click on a recipe to see a full colour photo:

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