Understanding Materials – 2nd edition

This set of three science books is designed to help lower ability children develop scientific knowledge, conceptual understanding and learn to work scientifically.

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The Brilliant Support Activities series is a set of three science books designed to help lower ability children, or those with special needs, to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding and learn to work scientifically.

The books contain a mixture of paper-based tasks and ʻhands on’ activities. These will help develop the essential Scientific Enquiry skills as indicated in the Programmes of Study of the National Curriculum, namely those of Observation, Predicting, Recording and Drawing Conclusions.

Understanding Materials shows the relevance and importance of understanding the science of everyday materials, including tea bags, toast, candles, bubbles, jelly, water, concrete, magnets, drinking chocolate, and fizzy drinks. The book is a series of activities which supplement any teaching you do on these topics and is designed for slower learners of any age but who are operating at the level of achievement normally associated with pupils at KS1 and KS2.

The reproducible worksheets in Understanding Materials introduce one concept or National Curriculum statement per sheet (unless they are review sheets), and they can be used in any order. They are designed for use by individual pupils or to be used as a class activity if all the class are working at the same ability range. The sheets follow the areas of science outlined in the Programmes of Study of the Science National Curriculum for years 1–3 and selected topics of years 4 and 5.

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What are bubbles? What is inside a bubble?


What happens on a barbecue to the food, the wood and the barbecue itself?


Do you know what things are made of?


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