Spanish from Year 3 to 6

What is the most effective way of teaching Spanish to children from Year 3 onward? 

The key to the successful teaching of a foreign language is always based around the use of the three relevant senses together. The children need to hear the words spoken, see the words written down, and say the words.

But of course, more than that, the children also need to hear, see and say the words in context – which means within phrases that are relevant to themselves and their daily lives at school and with their friends.

All of which leads us naturally to the story based approach to Spanish at Key Stage 2 – Learn Spanish with Luis y Sofía.  This is an approach which includes written material, the sound of the language, and a set of accompanying PowerPoints of the books with audio added. Everything is linked to the National Curriculum, Foreign Language Programme of Study.

The Part 1 Starter pack of the course covers Years 3 and 4, while Part 2 is for Years 5 and 6.

All the audio content including the 14 stories is presented by native Spanish speakers, and the materials can be used with an interactive whiteboard, or read individually, or in small groups.  By hearing correct pronunciation children will become confident in reading the vocabulary themselves and even tackling words they have not met before.

The stories are written in such a way that the vocabulary is introduced gradually and then reinforced as the course progresses.  Your pupils will love finding out what antics Luis and his sister Sofía get up to.  The level of humour in each storybook adds to the pupils’ interest and enthusiasm for the course.

Furthermore, the children then have the opportunity to engage in role play utilising the vocabulary and language constructions that they have learned. The confidence and self-esteem gained in participating with all elements of this story based scheme will become evident in other lessons.

Lesson plans, translations of the stories plus exercises, games and activities are also provided so that the curriculum can be implemented by non-specialists.  Along with the audio recordings the Learn Spanish with Luis y Sofía scheme provides structured support for introducing Spanish in your school. You can read about all the materials for Years 3 and 4 here, while details of the audio and visual material for Years 5 and 6 are here.

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