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I’m checking it once, I’m checking it twice…

My task this morning should have been simple. All I needed to do was read through some comprehension reading passages and write the artwork briefs to go with them.

All was going fine until I came to one entitled Rainforest. The passage didn’t specify where this rainforest was situated – which wasn’t a problem for the text – but it did affect what plants and animals we put in the artwork. As a result I got very distracted researching which animals live in which rainforests around the world. I’ve decided to go for a Central American rainforest as I’ve always had a soft spot for spider monkeys!

 In case you are interested, this is a photo of a Geoffroy’s spider monkey, also known as a black-handed spider monkey. They are native to Central American and their range includes Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

Our Christmas tree is up!

We’ve put our office Christmas tree up to help us get into the holiday spirit! (I still haven’t got the hang of making the background to my photos ‘Instagrammable’ – maybe that should be a goal for next year!)

With best wishes for next week!
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