If ever there was a need for problem solving …

If ever there was a society faced with problems that urgently need solving, it surely is this society in which we live.

Which is not to suggest that a child sitting in your classroom is likely to come up with a world-shattering solution to global warming, deforestation, hooliganism, speeding or drug abuse. 

But rather that the more children get used to the idea that there is a benefit in exploring ideas and seeing new approaches, the more it can benefit both themselves as individuals, and society as a whole.

Problem solving is, in short, a habit of mind, a way of thinking and an approach to life which benefits the individual day by day, and potentially everyone else in society as well.

At the heart of these Problem Solving Across the Curriculum series of books are two central ideas. 

The first is that skill solving involves not just having certain skills, nor even just knowing about the strategies of problem solving, but rather having the disposition of a problem solver – a person who sees a situation, realises it is a problem, and then can think through and share a possible solution to that problem.

To do this the books focus on a wide range of situations that contain problems which the children can work on in relation to maths, English, visual literacy, PSHE / values, music and dance.

In this way the children can learn about using estimations in maths, using visual language to convey ideas, solving music and dance problems by focussing on the way rhythmic patterns, sound and movement can work together.

Then there are the problems in which ethical decisions have to be made and of course the problems that arise in terms of using spoken and written English to solve problems.

Read more about the Problem Solving Across the Curriculum series and the resources in the books. There are even sample activities to take on in the ‘Try before you buy’ section.

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