When did your love of languages start?

For our author of the month, Lynn Dryden, her love of languages started at primary school.

“In primary school I had a teacher who used to teach us French for ten minutes twice a week and I lived for those lessons. There were no course books in the late 50s in our school for primary pupils, she used pictures and taught us lots of vocabulary. I owe my love of French and languages to a dedicated enthusiastic young student teacher who will sadly probably never know the impact she had on my life.”

You can find out more about how languages have played a huge part in Lynn’s life on our home page where she is featured as our “Author of the month”.

We have recently published a book co-authored by Lynn – Teach French through the Paris Olympics 2024. Now is the perfect time for a French topic on ‘les Jeux Olympiques’ as the Games will be held in Paris.

We have produced a free PowerPoint to accompany this book, to make it easier for you to introduce the Olympic sports to your class. Download your copy here.

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