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Using stories to teach language

Find out in this video why Barbara Scanes, the author of Learn French with Luc et Sophie, used her knowledge and experience to create these resources to help teachers engage and inspire pupils to learn a language.

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Sue Cave

Sue Cave is an experienced primary school and MFL teacher. She has helped Brilliant Publications on several projects.

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The one approach they need

What is the one approach that can help pupils and students learning French, more than any other?
It is often suggested that pupils and students appear to have greater imaginations than adults, and there is a good reason for this.

Assessment made simple

What is the most efficient and effective way of assessing learning in maths? Where assessing the progress of children in maths is a separate activity from the day to day teaching and learning, then this assessment adds to the workload of the teacher.

Improving comprehension in SATs

What is the most effective way of encouraging children to read modern stories in preparation for KS2 SATs?

As children approach the KS2 SATs and the 11+ reading comprehension papers, one of the most helpful activities for them is the reading of modern children’s stories.

How am I supposed to remember that?

What is the most effective way of helping children remember everyday (but irregular) French words and phrases?