A sense of achievement

What is the simplest way to give every child a sense of achievement in every creative writing activity?

There are of course several possible answers to this intriguing question, but underneath each answer, one element will always be enjoyment. Those who like writing tend to get better at writing… and indeed vice-versa.

Which then raises the question, what is the most effective way of getting KS1 children to enhance their enjoyment of the activity of creative writing?

In fact, it turns out that one of the key issues is the completion of set work – for feeling that one has completed the task that has been set in itself brings considerable pleasure.

However, achieving this sense of “satisfaction through completion” requires a structured approach, so that each child is able to undertake tasks that she or he can complete, no matter what level of creative writing has been reached.

Thus, where there are ready-to-use creative writing activities available, and where they are differentiated according to the abilities of the children, then to a large degree the problem is solved. 

This in turn means that each child is then able to write creatively according to her/his existing ability, using activities that help the child progress from that point.  Inevitably, creative writing then becomes ever more enjoyable and fulfilling for each child.

What’s more, as the child then takes control of his/her own writing, this again leads to a feeling of pleasure and success – as well as saving a large amount of time in lesson preparation.

Using this approach, the new book “Cracking Creative Writing in KS1” inspires children to practise writing creatively irrespective of their level of ability.

As a result, each lesson then motivates the child for all subsequent activities and lessons related to writing.

You can read more about “Cracking Creative Writing in KS1 on our website.

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