Activities that will appeal to boys

How to encourage boys to engage in their learning.

There’s no doubt that some class activities appeal more to boys than to girls.  Not exclusively so, of course, but in general terms.

It’s with this in mind that we have produced a book of 170 practical teaching ideas and strategies that will appeal to boys. 

harness the learning approach that boys tend to use more than girls. 

Take, for example, this lesson:

The teacher reads out a passage which contains deliberate mistakes. As they listen, the pupils note the errors and write down the correct facts instead. Pupils could then indicate the correct answers either by voting with a show of hands for the correct answer or by using their personal whiteboards to all display the correct answers together.

It is an activity which any pupil can engage in, but is one that definitely appeals to boys.

Such activities as these provide opportunities to enable learners to focus on the unusual, often using teamwork to engage their learning and promote higher-order thinking skills.  There is, after all, every reason to take this idea and encourage the pupils to work in teams to discover the errors and note the corrections.

Using these activities, we believe that you will find that boys will more readily engage in their learning and will be keener to participate.  This will result in a reduction in behaviour problems allowing more time to be spent teaching and learning.

Free sample teaching ideas are available on our website along with more information about the book.

The book is also available as a download so you can access the activities in the book immediately and save on postage!

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