Developing Reading Comprehension Skills Years 5–6: Non-fiction

Developing Reading Comprehension Skills Years 5-6: Non-fiction contains 12 high quality authentic non-fiction passages and is perfect preparation for introducing children to the skills needed for the KS2 SATs and 11+ Reading Comprehension papers.

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Each of the 12 high quality non-fiction extracts is accompanied by eight sets of questions based on the Key Stage 2 (KS2) Reading Content Domains and National Curriculum. This book provides opportunities to tackle more complex vocabulary, explore how authors use language to impact their readers and develop endurance for longer passages. The clear structure and the author’s passion for teaching pupils to read critically make Developing Reading Comprehension Skills Years 5-6: Non-fiction invaluable for everyone working with pupils in Years 5 and 6.

Support for teachers and parents is built in with guidance for how to teach the different question types, plus suggestions for embedding these texts in the wider English curriculum. This series is suitable for new and recently qualified teachers as well as those who are more experienced and wanting to expand the range of texts they use.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource to enhance reading provision and teaching in your classroom or to support home education, this is exactly what you need. Look for other books in the Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series.

The articles in this book are:

  • The High-flying Life-savers (Air ambulance, charities, STEM)
  • Couscous salad (Recipe, healthy eating, instructions)
  • Rare Wildcats Make a Comeback (Animals, conservation, environment)
  • Should the UK Ban Short Domestic Flights? (Environment, pollution, debate, discussion)
  • The Discovery that Changed History (History, Anglo Saxons, archaeology)
  • Six Unbelievable Jobs (Jobs, careers, future, PSHE)
  • The Importance of Empathy (Empathy, kindness, friendship, PSHE)
  • Fallen Space Rock Found (Space, science, STEM)
  • The Rise of Real-life Robots (STEM, robots, history)
  • ‘Noah’s Ark for Plants’ Turns 20 (Environment, plants, conservation)
  • The Composer Who Brought Joy (Music, Beethoven, biography)
  • The Pilot Who Left a Trail of Mystery (Flight, Amelia Earhart, biography)

This is one book in a series of 8 Developing Reading Comprehension Skills

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2 reviews for Developing Reading Comprehension Skills Years 5–6: Non-fiction

  1. Richard

    This is an excellent book which will save me hours of lesson preparation time. It is easy to adapt the activities in the book to fit in with my lesson plans.

  2. missnix (verified owner)

    This is an excellent resource. Texts are pitched perfectly and cover a range of interesting, topical themes.

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Read this article about whether the UK should ban domestic flights or not


Try to answer these inference questions about the article


Be a detective and find the clues to answer these retrieval questions about the article


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