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What is the single most effective way of encouraging children to enjoy and benefit from writing creatively?

Creative activity is a truly remarkable undertaking in many regards, not least in terms of the benefits it brings.  For not only is it enjoyable, it stimulates the imagination, and improves the individual’s confidence in facing new situations.

Furthermore, when the notion of creativity is explored in terms of writing it results in the writing becoming more enjoyable, as the act of writing creatively encourages children to move beyond the confines of the vocabulary, structure and images that they normally use. 

This in turn makes the activity both stimulating and thought-provoking.  Thus, as children develop their creative skills, they begin to realise that they can consider people who will see and react to the same events in different ways, which can be a most invaluable insight.

As a result of this, for many children, the more they become interested in creative writing the more their writing, their self-confidence and their self-esteem improves.

At the same time an enjoyment in the writing process itself normally develops, which affects not only the children’s work in English, but also their work in other school subjects, their social life beyond school and their own well-being.

What’s more, given that we live in a world that is changing faster than at any time in human history, the ability to accommodate and work with these changes is one that will be increasingly beneficial to these children as they grow older.  

How to Achieve Outstanding Writers in the EYFS and KS1, encourages these developments through considering characters, settings, plot, and the writer’s own point of view.  It stimulates the imagination and in turn leads to an ever-greater enthusiasm for creative activities in general.

And there is one important additional benefit: this volume comes with an array of ready to use (but also editable) PowerPoint resources which considerably reduce the level of preparation time required for lessons.

Improve pupils’ confidence and self-esteem….

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