From books to sand, from water to food

What is the most effective way of delivering the science and technology curriculum in the early years?

For children in their early years effective learning and development in science and technology invariably involves having clearly laid out activities they can undertake within well-planned opportunities.  Plus of course a new challenge each day.

With such an approach the challenges become the focus of extending the children’s skills, and as this happens they then develop their confidence as more and more new experiences are encountered.

Each new activity then leads to new knowledge and of course, each additional area of knowledge can be assessed as the child moves forward.

Then, where every step is linked to activities closely related to the seven areas of learning and development in the Early Learning Goals of the EYFS and the National Curriculum for Science in Key Stage 1, children can progress through the curriculum and build on the knowledge gained from one lesson in the next.

Of course such an approach will normally require a certain amount of planning as the children need to be challenged within each activity to extend their skills and develop their confidence.

And this is exactly what Science and Technology for the Early Years brings to the classroom.  Given the huge range of clearly laid out activities included in the book, planning is kept to a minimum as the children explore a range of new experiences day by day.

At the same time, assessment of each child’s achievements and development is incorporated as an integral part of the book, thus enabling all teachers to gather evidence and assess children’s learning in relation to the Early Learning Goals of the EYFS and the National Curriculum for Science in Key Stage 1.

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