Confident readers / good readers…

What is the single most effective way of helping children to become both confident readers and good readers?

The issue of confidence among children in relation to reading is one that has a certain element of the chicken and the egg about it with the eternal question of “what came first?”

For it is undeniably true that good readers are normally confident readers.  While of course confident readers are invariably good readers.  So, it becomes a valid question: which one does one seek to boost first?

Given the fact that the children who read more, normally become better readers that is something of a conundrum.  Even if we have age-appropriate texts that we know are stimulating and interesting, how can we persuade those who are not reading very much, to venture forth?

Fortunately, an answer is at hand, for it was in order to break into this cycle of confidence and taking pleasure in reading, that the “Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension” books have been developed for Years 1 to 6. 

Quite simply the view is that children will read more and become better readers through reading these specially written, age-appropriate texts which they will enjoy, and through which they will develop their comprehension skills.

From this evolves the ability to answer inference, prediction and sequencing questions and thus generate better test results.  From such results self-esteem and confidence grows and the feedback loop ensures that the children read more, out of which self-esteem grows more and the cycle continues.

But there is yet one more additional benefit.  For the “Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension” series makes it easy for you and your colleagues to use the resources to help children develop their spoken language and their reading comprehension at the same time.

Find out more about these remarkable books for Years 1 to 6, find sample extracts and questions to try as well as place an order on our website.

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