Creative Writing: Cracked

What is the most effective way of giving children the confidence to explore and experiment with their writing? The aim is something that we can all aspire to making creative writing an enjoyable activity for all children. But how?  Especially with children who proclaim that they hate writing and can’t do it, and indeed don’t know what to say.

Part of the solution is giving the children the confidence to experiment. One approach is to support their planning using scaffolding to help them develop what story they want to tell. Such scaffolding must be flexible and open-ended. Not only is the child’s vision of creative writing changed by this support, but the child also starts to understand that not all writers work in the same way. 

“Cracking Creative Writing” contains 100+ inspirational KS2 creative writing activities, each taking between 30 minutes and one hour to complete. Open-ended plans are provided for the children, teaching them about strategies and providing them with scaffolding for their writing. There is enough variety to inspire everyone, even the most reluctant writers. Throughout, each child is independent and in charge of their own writing.

You can find a whole range of examples from the book to try out on our website along with details of related books.

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