Teaching phonics to aid pronunciation

I am in the group of pupils who (a while ago now!) did not have grammar and punctuation taught in their English lessons. This made learning other languages quite a challenge.

Clare Seccombe, an MFL teacher and consultant in the north-east of England, has written a very interesting blog about teaching Spanish phonics. Clare trained as a secondary MFL teacher in 1994-95 at a time when phonics were not mentioned. Her blog follows her career and how teaching phonics, or not, has changed over this time.

You can read her thoughts here: https://changing-phase.blogspot.com/2021/11/physical-spanish-phonics.html

Clare very kindly mentions our resource ‘Physical Spanish Phonics’ and how she uses the spelling and action system in her teaching. We always like to get any feedback about our resources and how they are used so thank you Clare.

To read more about the resource, you can use the following link to get to our website:

Physical Spanish Phonics

and for those of you teaching French:

Physical French Phonics

Phonics are now an integral part of the Key Stage 2 programme of study for Languages. But there is no need to panic. We design our resources to support the non-specialist teacher (specialist teachers enjoy using them too). We include recordings, videos and other information, where appropriate, of everything you may need.

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