Music is the food of knowledge

Just as young children learn the language they hear around them in infancy, so there is a similar inborn inclination to respond to music.

Children of course realise that they feel good when music comes their way, and so they respond through movement as a way of expressing their pleasure – which in turn is the origin of dance.

As a result, where music can be integrated as part of lessons, then the learning that takes place, happens more quickly and the information learned is retained for much longer.   

The children will, quite simply, remember what they have learned and performed.  This is why we have produced “Learn French through Raps”, which uses raps and songs to teach how to pronounce key French words and phrases.

“Learn French Through Raps” contains 20 specially written raps, tried and tested in classrooms with children aged 5-14. The raps encourage children to repeat their pronunciation which they rapidly learn. The raps also introduce the children to simple grammatical structures which the children use when they write their own raps or talk to each other in French.

“Learn French through Raps” comes with a CD containing recordings of the raps, sung by native French speakers, as well as backing tracks, so that the children can make up their own versions. PowerPoints presentations and a teacher’s guide containing extension activities are also included.

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