How to boost confidence

What is the best way to help pupils read and spell words that are unfamiliar?

It is not a particularly revolutionary idea to answer that question by suggesting one should “provide strategies” for children to help them come to terms with written English.  For strategies are what we all use to handle the issues that can confront us in everyday life.

Indeed, if we did not engage in using strategies, we would forever be treating each issue that we face each day (from ice on the windscreen of the car to coping with a non-functioning computer) as something totally and utterly new and unknown.

Strategies are our short cuts to solutions, and once we feel that we have strategies in place to deal with each new eventuality, we invariably feel happier, knowing we can proceed with ever greater confidence.

This of course applies to children as much as adults.  If we can give children strategies to improve their literacy then that will automatically generate increased confidence in both reading and writing, which in turn will affect their performance across all their work. 

Best of all, appropriate strategies will work with pupils of all abilities.  All one needs is to offer the right strategy according to the child’s current level of understanding.  Once this happens the speed of their progress is increased.

In effect the adoption of appropriate strategies opens the door to a constantly evolving array of opportunities throughout all aspects of life.

This is the foundation of “Boost Spelling Skills” which is not just a series about learning spellings, but a series of books about increasing confidence and knowledge through the use of appropriate strategies.

The series takes pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 through showing pupils at each stage how they can improve both their spelling, and their word pattern recognition. 

Find out more about the series …

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