Improve, stimulate, save and stretch

What is the most effective way of improving children’s writing while reducing your preparation time?

Where children’s imaginations are stimulated, so inevitably is their writing – which will naturally benefit the children’s work throughout the school. 

Plus, there are other benefits that naturally flow from such a development, as the exploration of various aspects of writing (characterisation, plot, dialogue, mood etc etc) inevitably builds on the foundations of ever-improving writing. 

In short, as imaginations are ever more stimulated, the children stretch themselves as they seek to evolve the situations they portray in ever greater depth. 

As a result of this, the question posed above expands into one that asks, “what is the most effective way of stimulating the children’s imagination and helping them use the resultant inventiveness successfully in their writing?” 

The answer in part comes from the structure of the lessons, partly from the presentation, partly from the consideration of each different aspect of writing, and partly from the experience of working in different genres. 

And this is the basis from which the book, “How to Achieve Outstanding Writers in the EYFS and KS1” has been produced. 

Through using suitable PowerPoint presentations with carefully chosen images, the children’s imaginations are developed more than might otherwise occur, and the work becomes ever more enjoyable.  Then as this process continues, so the discussion of the images extends the children’s vocabulary. 

In this way the children explore the language, moving from simple sentences to more complex structures. 

It is an approach that offers all the necessary resources in one complete package from the PowerPoint presentations through to the teaching notes.  As a result, imaginations are stimulated and the writing improves. 

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