Listen mum, I speak French

What is the single most effective way of teaching children to speak and remember French phrases?

It has long been known that the more multi-sensory learning experiences can be, the more the learning will stay in the memory, and be retrievable as and when needed.

Which is why teaching French through having children act out short plays can be so beneficial.  For through the rehearsing and performing of a short play in French, children read, speak and hear the words, and become excited about “being in a play”.

As a result, the experience in rehearsal and on stage means the players’ actions become directly associated with their words – making the result the single most multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning that is possible.

Indeed, many adults confess when asked (often with a certain amount of surprise), that even in adulthood they can still remember the details of productions they were involved with, in primary school.

This happens for the simple reason that the more all the senses are engaged in any event that we experience, the more deeply the experience becomes integrated into the long-term memory.

Then, at a later date, when anything occurs that triggers that memory everything that was learned returns in full and is available to be used.

What’s more, children tend to talk with their family members about the part they are playing and will rehearse their lines at home hence gaining more confidence in speaking French.  In this way phrases learned for a school play are likely to stay with the child for years to come.

But more than that, the children are not only learning their own lines but also, inevitably, picking up the lines of their co-performers.  Indeed it is not at all unusual to find that most participants in such an event learn all the lines of everyone else!

12 Petites Pièces à Jouer makes the production of simple plays in French easy to arrange and so brings the benefit of undertaking a short production in French to life.  And because the materials include recordings of the plays by native French speakers, non-specialist teachers are able to use the materials in their French lessons.

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