Confidence is everything

What is the one thing that more than anything else dissuades a child from reading and writing?

As the subject line of this email suggests, the answer to the question above is “confidence.”  For while as adults we can avoid taking on tasks about which we have no confidence, children can daily find themselves required to undertake work about which they feel very uneasy.

As a result of this they can, at times, become so overwhelmed by the lack of belief in their ability to do a task they will in effect eventually stop trying, or at best make just a cursory effort.

Thus, for example, those children who do not feel confident about their ability to write sentences without making multiple spelling mistakes, will simply not want to try and write sentences, for they know in advance just how many mistakes they will make.

On the other hand, children with confidence in their spelling will benefit from this confidence in almost every school subject and will thus move ahead much more rapidly.

It is the awareness of this which raises the simple question: how do we give all children the confidence to write, free from the fear of getting everything wrong?

This is the issue tackled in the “Boost Spelling Skills” series, which through a series of differentiated worksheets helps and encourages KS2 children to write ever more interesting and adventurous sentences.

Using this approach, the children are set clear targets so that they can see their own progress and from this gain further motivation. 

So, while children who are worried about how to spell certain words are forever pausing, wondering about the spelling, or trying to find another word to use, the more confident children find their writing starts to flow more easily as they expand their vocabulary.

There is more information about Boost Spelling Skills 2 and Boost Spelling Skills 3 on our website.  

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