Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems – A Collection of Original Action Rhymes and Poems for 3-6 Year Olds

Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems contains 83 delightful new rhymes and poems, written by Brenda Williams, a well-known children’s poet and author.

  • Ideal for use in a variety of settings, from nurseries and schools to playgroups and mother-and-toddler groups
  • Teacher’s notes provide suggestions for using rhymes to support learning across the Foundation Stage and KS1
  • Rhymes are grouped by common themes used in early year settings
  • Rhymes and poems are linked and cross-referenced to popular themes
  • Reproducible to allow for maximum flexibility.

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Use Fun with Action Rhymes and Poems to foster a love of rhythm and rhyme, create a sense of beat and rhythm. Lay the foundations for understanding patterns in language, music and mathematics.

Use and enjoy the rhymes and poems on their own or as a way of introducing new ideas and starting discussions.

The youngest babies are comforted by the rise and fall of a familiar voice and soon make the connection between vocal sounds and facial expressions. As they seek to communicate, they begin to mimic both the sounds and the related expressions and go on to copy movements, such as clapping hands.

Even at an early stage of children’s development, action rhymes and songs can further encourage them to link language with movement, reinforcing familiar words and developing new ones. But, what is equally important, poetry fosters a love of rhythm and rhyme which lays the foundations to an understanding of the patterns of language, mathematics and music.

Enjoying the fun of rhyme, hearing the sounds, fitting words to simple actions, and experiencing pace are important factors in creating a sense of beat and rhythm.

Children love learning rhymes, and soon establish favourites they ask to return to again and again. They find them easy to remember and retain because of the rhyming words and patterns. Participating in a group gives them a sense of sharing and belonging.

By introducing children to a love of poetry, we are leading them to a life-long fascination with the music of words, the power and influence of language in conjuring imagery and feelings, and a means of communicating in a structured but stimulating form.

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Move to this poem to show how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly


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