Mum Knows Best

Ever-hungry Lal makes quite a big mess in this assembly story! After Lal’s mother refuses him an unhealthy treat and reprimands him for being greedy he turns down the apple she offers and decides to embark upon a path of rebellion: cake baking. Unsure of how to actually bake a cake but determined to ‘show’ his mother, Lal empties the kitchen cupboards of baking ingredients and sets about sloppily combining them in a bowl.

This grows increasingly problematic when tap water splashes the questionable mixture onto the floor, but Lal is thus far unfazed. He mistakes a pot of rising agent for sprinkles, and white powder surrounds him and the kitchen and the cake mixture begins erupting. Now, Lal is alarmed. He recklessly shoves the tin into the oven and twiddles the dials randomly in an attempt to bake his cake. He is certain that cooking will fix the issues at hand.

Abandoning the chaos that the kitchen has become, Lal goes to play with his friend Arthur, and forgets all about his cake…until his mother beckons him home. When home he is ordered to clean the kitchen immediately (avoiding the danger zone of the oven). He realises his wrongdoing and does so to the best of his ability, but when his mother suggests he eats his creation for dinner he feels rather ill. An apple doesn’t appear quite so unappealing to him now!

This storyis taken from More Brilliant Assembly Stories for primary schools, written by Elizabeth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.


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Kitchen cleaned, amends made and all is well in the end – Lal realises that his gluttony was unwarranted. This primary school assembly story reinforces the necessity of obeying authority and listening to instruction from elders. The concern regarding the oven also reminds children that cooking can be very dangerous and very messy if proper care is not taken, encouraging them to take heed of guidance and to wait for supervision. Having ended up in quite a pickle, Lal also learns the importance of clearing up after oneself after making a mess. Listeners can perceive that it is much easier to consistently take care to be tidy in every day life – making the job of parents and teachers alike much easier too!

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