The easiest way to learn French!

There is one way of learning that is much more powerful than any other.  And now it is applied to learning French.

Why is poetry easier to learn than prose?  Why is a song easier to learn than poetry?  And how can these findings be made use of, when teaching French?

At the heart of the answer is the fact that anything with rhythm links back to the earliest of times in the development of humanity.  For it was chanting, singing and dancing which gave each group or tribe its sense of unity, togetherness and safety.

Because of this, words that come with rhythm are much easier to remember, which is why rapping has become so popular in the last 40 years.  It talks to the very heart of human communication and desire to be part of the group – a fundamental human trait.

This in turn means that if one can use raps and songs as a way of teaching French, the speed of learning and remembering increases dramatically.

In fact, simple raps in French are very easy for children to remember as our brains still have that early human capacity to think and speak in rhythm.

Better still, the notion of chanting a rap at home which parents may not understand is eternally endearing for many children!

“Learn French through Raps” features 20 raps which have been written for, and extensively tested in, UK classrooms.  They help teach vocabulary, phrases, the rhythm of the language, intonation and pronunciation along with complex sentence structures.  You can listen to an extract of each rap on our website but be prepared for earworms!

The book includes a CD and DVD-Rom. The CD has recordings sung by native French speakers to help with correct pronunciation. The DVD-Rom contains PowerPoints which aid in the learning of the rap.  Introducing these aural and visual stimuli helps embed the information for better understanding and easier recall.

To show you how this all works, we have on our website a sample rap which children can learn and sing along to, plus a slide show for introducing the phrases, as well as teaching notes for introducing and learning the rap. You will find them in the ‘Try before you buy’ section of the “Learn French through Raps” page.

Once heard a few times the children will remember the phrases, not just for now but for years to come.

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