The one approach they need

What is the one approach that can help pupils and students learning French, more than any other?

It is often suggested that pupils and students appear to have greater imaginations than adults, and there is a good reason for this.

For the young, much of the world that they experience is new and needs to be understood – so a substantial part of the brain’s activity is involved in making sense of the world around. 

This learning-from-scratch process is something most adults are not involved in, later in life, because most of the time we have some basis on which to build new learning.  We are used to learning – we’ve done a lot of it through our lives. 

Pupils and students however can often benefit from being shown ways to learn – and this is never more the case than with learning French where almost everything they encounter is going to be new.

Thus, the idea has developed of using memory tricks which help young people learn the key constructions within the language from the very start, right up to GCSE.

In short even when they don’t have a knowledge of French to base their future learning on, they can find ways of remembering, through using memory tricks to link the new vocabulary and grammar to knowledge they already have.  And this helps them remember basic constructions in the language more quickly.

There is probably no better way of understanding how this works than seeing it for oneself, and therefore we’ve some pages from Unforgettable French on our website – they can be downloaded from the ‘Try before you buy’ section.

Along with the cover image you can also see a full table of contents, showing all the topics covered in the book.

As one teacher said in reviewing the book, it contains, “Simple tricks to remember some grammar rules that most of the pupils will love.”

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