What’s new at Brilliant Publications? (3 February 2022)

Dear Brilliant customer,
Here is what has been happening in the office this week.

Have a look at our latest publication!
It’s always wonderful to see a new book for the first time. I’m really pleased with the way French is Fun at Key Stage 1 has turned out. If you’ve already ordered this book, your copy will be with you soon.

You can find out more about French is Fun in Key Stage 1 on our website.

French is Fun at KS1 cover

Is a moor higher than a hill?
I do enjoy our office conversations, which can sometimes be about quite minute editorial points.

In one of the activities in Cracking English Grammar in Key Stage 2  the author, David Horner, ranked words to describe mounds of earth from highest to lowest as follows: mountain, moor, hill, hillock, molehill. This led to a long discussion about whether moors were always higher than hills.

It’s all a matter of perception, of course. When I was in Alaska some years ago, one of the people in my group pointed to a mountain in the distance and asked the tour guide what it was called. The tour guide said she didn’t know, adding ‘we often don’t bother to name hills that are less that 3000 metres’.

To get back to our office discussion, we checked with David Horner who informed us, ‘having walked across England via many a moor, I’m pretty confident a moor is higher than a hill.’ You can find out more about Cracking English Grammar in Key Stage 2 on our website.

London Book Fair is back!
In my mind, the start of the Covid pandemic and the 2020 London Book Fair are closely linked, as the Fair (scheduled for March 2020) was cancelled due to Covid just a week before it was due to take place.

Therefore it is great news that the London Book Fair will be back again this year on 5-7 April. I sincerely hope we don’t have another Covid wave and that it will be able to go ahead – albeit with masks, lots of hand gel and other safety precautions!

The Fair has always been really important for us. Over the 3 days we will typically have 20+ meetings with publishers, customers, distributors and suppliers from around the world. While a lot can be done via email and Zoom or Google Meet, there is nothing like having face-to-face meetings. Already my diary is filling up.

This week I had the fun task of writing our entry for the Independent Publishers Guild catalogue for this year’s Fair. Trying to describe what we do in no more than 600 characters is tough!

If you had to describe Brilliant Publications in a few sentences, what would you say?

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