How many sounds does French have?

What is the most effective way of learning French, aside from spending a few years living in the country?

There is an approach to teaching and learning which has been shown, time and again, to be the most effective and efficient approach ever developed.  What’s more it works with every subject on the curriculum.  It is known, simply, as the multi-sensory approach.

But unfortunately, there is a problem.  For until recently it has been felt that the physical constraints of the classroom have made this style of teaching impossible to use for most subjects.

As a result, textbooks have tended to stay with the traditional methodologies of using words and pictures, rather than engage with the more effective multi-sensory approach.

However, that has now changed with the arrival of Physical French Phonics.

In essence, every sound in the language is matched with an action, and through this sound / action / vision method of learning, the children become increasingly adept both at pronouncing the words and understanding their meaning.

At the same time the pronunciations are remembered because of the power of the multi-sensory approach, with, as its name suggests, an emphasis on movement, touch, appearance, and sound, all at the same time. 

In fact, the only senses that are missing are taste and smell, (although, perhaps in the next edition…)

Additionally, as they progress, children learn the rules of pronunciation and thus can pronounce new words that they see in print correctly, from the first time they come across each word. 

So, for each phoneme, students learn an action, as well as the graphemes associated with that sound. There’s also a comprehensive teachers’ guide each step of the way, while the electronic files that accompany the book are compatible with whiteboards, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

You can see sample video clips from the USB Drive which show how the actions and sounds can be used to pronounce and spell marron and septembre and there is a video showing children using this approach on the Physical French Phonics facebook page.

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